After Years of Bashing Melania For Her 'Elite' Fashion, Media Hacks Gush Over Jill Biden's Outfit

Brittany M. Hughes | January 20, 2021
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After years of mocking Melania Trump for everything from her jackets to her sneakers to her heels, the liberal media has suddenly done an about-face and decided First Lady fashion is back in vogue, gushing over First Lady Jill Biden’s inauguration attire like she’s the second coming of Jackie O.

Except wait -- that was Michelle Obama. Who was also at President Joe Biden’s inauguration – and who also received nothing but praise for her maroon suit.

Likewise, Vice President Kamala Harris received heaping adoration from those who spent the past four years hating on everything Mrs. Trump wore to step out of her front door. The Huffington Post – who published a slew of pieces blasting the most recent First Lady for wearing heels, then for wearing clean sneakers and everything in between – gushed that Tuesday's Biden/Harris/Obama trio “served sartorial greatness” in what almost appeared to be matching suit coats.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump was the target of multiple hit-pieces over the years analyzing her every fashion choice as representative of her supposedly snobbish politics, with that same Huffington Post critiquing even her most admittedly beautiful outfits as “chic and coastal elite, a product of her life in New York.”

On her last morning as First Lady, Vanity Fair ran a piece snubbing Melania for her “funeral black” farewell outfit, along with a slam at her handbag, which they guessed – without a shred of offered proof – to cost around $75,000. Meanwhile, the same outlet praised President Jill Biden for wearing a coat designed by a company that’s “sustainability-minded, with all clothing made-to-order to reduce waste,” while fawning over Vice President Kamala Harris for choosing a purple hue they claim represents black women's cultural style.

The article also gushed over former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s purple outfit, a “color historically associated with nobility,” while hailing the designer of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s outfit as shooting for “an aesthetic defined by immaculate tailoring and infusions of androgyny paired with sensual silhouettes.”

And while the New York Times yawned over the Ralph Lauren powder blue suit worn by Melania at her husband’s 2017 inauguration, calling it “a first lady costume” that generated “lot of verbal eye-rolling — the outfit oozed appropriateness,” the NYT on Tuesday re-tweeted reporter Vanessa Friedman who babbled that Lady Jill Biden’s blue suit – also light blue, and also designed by Ralph Lauren – as “underscoring a new dawn.”

For the record, they all looked lovely. But then again, I'm not a hypocritical hack.