After Major Info Leak, Establishment Media Finally Reports Extensively on Chinese 'Re-education Camps'

Nick Kangadis | May 27, 2022
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People who paid attention to atrocities going on around the world, particularly in China, knew about and told anyone that would listen about the persecution of the Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, which also housed what's referred to as either concentration or re-education camps. The Winter Olympics came and went without even so much as a whimper from the establishment media, who bent the knee to China in order to get that sweet, sweet ad revenue.

Well, after a major leak of information the establishment media can no longer deny what many of us already knew — the communist Chinese government is the enemy of the world. And I haven’t even brought up their role in the COVID-19 pandemic, which would’ve never happened without the incompetence of China.

According to France 24, who referred to camps in Xinjiang as that of the “Re-education” variety:

A leak of thousands of photos and official documents from China's Xinjiang has shed new light on the violent methods used to enforce mass internment in the region, researchers said Tuesday.[…]

Activists say Chinese authorities have detained more than one million Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim minorities in a network of detention centres and prisons in the region, which Beijing has defended as training centres.

But the trove of police photographs and internal documents -- sent to [academic Adrian] Zenz by an anonymous source who hacked into official databases in Xinjiang -- add to evidence that the mass internments were far from voluntary, with leaked documents showing top leaders in Beijing including President Xi Jinping calling for a forceful crackdown.

You read that last part correctly. Chinese dictator Xi Jinping — “Winnie the Pooh” himself — not only knew about the camps, but wanted the swift “mass internment” of Uyghur Muslims to be used at the very least as a slave class.

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The BBC posted the pictures of a number of those in the “mass incarceration” system within Xinjiang after months of investigations into the authenticity of what they’re calling the “Xinjiang Police Files,” which details much of the goings on in the region.

The BBC reported:

The cache reveals, in unprecedented detail, China’s use of “re-education” camps and formal prisons as two separate but related systems of mass detention for Uyghurs - and seriously calls into question its well-honed public narrative about both.

The government’s claim that the re-education camps built across Xinjiang since 2017 are nothing more than “schools” is contradicted by internal police instructions, guarding rosters and the never-before-seen images of detainees.

It’s funny — not for the Uyghurs — but, it’s funny that people will begin to believe what’s going on in China now that the establishment media is done hiding under their rocks, covering up for years for China. We’ve known about these camps for years now, since they were reportedly built in 2017.

But who knows how long the communist Chinese government has had camps for people? Knowing the secrecy of that government, it wouldn’t shock anyone in the least if these atrocities were going on well before that year.

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