After Defunding Police, Minneapolis Wants to Hire More Due To Rising Crime Rates

Sergie Daez | February 15, 2021
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Remember how the city council in Minneapolis voted to fully dismantle their police department last year? Well, it sounds like they realize what a stupid idea that was.

According to the Washington Examiner, that same city council recently voted in a unanimous decision to fund the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) with $6.4 million in order to recruit more police officers. They plan to expand their roster from 638 policemen to 674 by the end of the year, with 28 more applicants in the hiring process.

The department had over 800 policemen before the riots over George Floyd’s death engulfed the city. Since then, many policemen have either quit or taken extended leave.

What could've possibly caused the city council to make the decision to hire more police officers? Was it because the citizens of Minneapolis embraced racism and white supremacy? No. Was it because of more traffic accidents? No. Was it because there was a spike in violent crime? No. Was it because - no, wait - that is EXACTLY why the city’s residents have been calling for more policemen.

Because who would have guessed? Apparently, decreasing the size of the police department means an increasing number of crimes. Wow. What a brilliant observation.

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The new police department application process includes a question inquiring if the applicants "have degrees in criminology, social work, psychology, or counseling," according to the Examiner. Applicants will also be asked if they were ever involved with the Police Activities League and other similar programs. 

These measures were taken to ensure the city council approved the increase of policemen in their department. Because this is the same council that wanted their police officers to be replaced with mental health professionals. 

It’s commendable that aspiring police officers are still willing to serve Minneapolis in spite of the moronic “defund the police” attitude that the city council used to take. The council should consider themselves lucky that their police department hasn’t given up on them or the citizens they are tasked with protecting and serving after being treated as a whole like criminals themselves.

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