After Alyssa Milano Slams Trump For Using the 'Stigmatizing' Term 'Crazy,' the Internet Points Out One Glaring Problem

Brittany M. Hughes | December 30, 2019
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Actress-turned-progressive activist Alyssa Milano slammed Donald Trump for using the word “crazy” in his tweets, most often to describe his political opponents or deranged people who go on mass killing sprees.

According to Milano, who’s made a new career as a staunch Trump critic, the president’s use of the term “crazy” or “lost his mind” is offensive to millions of Americans who suffer from mental illness – herself included, apparently.

“Hey, @realDonaldTrump, maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to stop adding to the stigma of mental illness and not use terms in your tweets like, ‘crazy’ or ‘lost his mind,’” the “Charmed” actress tweeted. “The 44 million of us who suffer sure would appreciate it.”

Aside from the hilarity of Milano admitting she has a mental illness (hey, no arguments here), there’s just one problem with the anti-Trump starlet condemning the president’s use of these supposedly triggering terms.

She uses them all the time.

On top of that, Milano has also been known to call Trump "unhinged," a term I'm sure she'd now say falls on the "banned" list for being upsetting to the psychologically unhealthy.



(Cover Photo: Tom Sorensen)