Adults Are Summer Camps?

Thomas Murray | June 22, 2016
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According to the American Camp Association (ACA), about 14 million adults attend over 14,000 summer camps each year, and the industry is still growing.

Since 2002, the number of ACA-certified residential camps for adults has increased by 21 percent, and the number of day camps has increased almost 70 percent. A large part of the continued success of summer camps is the renewed interest of people who have fond memories from when they were kids at camp who seem to want to relive those simpler times and ignore their “grownup” responsibilities.   

Because many adults work in high-pressure environments, many have been looking for ways to blow off steam and get away from their hectic lives. Summer camps aimed at adults between the ages of 21 and 70 provide one answer to that need. Because there is obviously nothing better than pretending to be a child again to help overcome the difficulty of living in the modern world.

These summer camps, which are open to anyone 21 and older, have increased in popularity over the years. According to the last count, there were more than 800 camps in America aimed solely at attracting adults, and the number of adult campers each year has increased by about 10 percent each year.

In these camps, which usually last around a week, campers live like they would have as if they were kids back in childhood summer camps by throwing off all responsibility. They sleep in cabins separated by gender, get to meet new friends, commune with nature, take part in planned activities, and have the chance to learn new hobbies.

It's also common practice for the camp to confiscate phones and other electronics to allow campers to fully immerse themselves in the experience and to help facilitate human interaction.

While some camps offer a range of more traditional actitivies like sportsdancingbee keeping, and even bridge, there are plenty of camps that encourage a more party environment by offering an open bar and DJ-themed club parties at night so adults can try to recapture their college years, along with their childhoods.

But many camps, like the Seattle-based Camp Rahh, ban the use of drugs and alcohol. They also facilitate this feeling by offering yoga and meditation sessions, and most likely a drum circle.

So, if you are feeling burnt out from work this summer and want to pay a lot of money to forget all of the responsibilities you still  have to deal when you get home, you may want to take a look at the wide variety of summer camps that are available out there. I am sure you will find one that is perfect for you.  

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