Admin. Refuses to Release Court Case Data for Illegal Alien Family Units

Brittany M. Hughes | February 17, 2016
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Obama's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) won't release data on how many illegal alien family units are showing up for their final court hearings, or how many have been allowed to stay in the country since the now-infamous border surge in 2014.

EOIR officials told MRCTV in an email that they do track case results for illegal alien adults with children who cross the border and eventually released, typically referred to by border agents as a "family unit." U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports it apprehended 132,899 family units between the start of FY2014 and Jan. 31 of this year, most of whom are processed, given a notice to appear in court and are sent merrily on their way.

However, EOIR added that while they do compile the case results for these adults, including how many have been allowed to stay and how many have been ordered removed after not showing up to court, they are "currently unable to provide" this information.

When MRCTV asked why the office was unable to release this information, EOIR simply responded, "The data is unavailable at this time."

The EOIR did give MRCTV case result data for adults with children and recent border crossers who are detained, which accounts for a much smaller percentage of illegal alien family units as most are released from custody after being processed.

Of the 6,297 new charging documents EOIR received since July 2014 for adults with children who are detained, only 1,072 cases have been completed – roughly 20 percent. More than 850 of these cases resulted in removal orders, 578 of which (about 67 percent) were handed down in absentia. Which is interesting, since the person in question was supposedly being detained at the time.

As for recent border crossers who are being detained, EOIR says they’ve received 9,720 new charging documents for these folks since July 2014. Only 2,674 have been completed (less than 30 percent), resulting in 2,080 removal orders. Of these, 344 were handed down in absentia.

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