Adding Insult to Injury: AZ Kids Drag Show Includes Poetry Slam

Michael Ippolito | June 8, 2022
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The pride month drag show for children at a Dallas bar last weekend is rightly infamous. But out in Phoenix, the grooming got underway a whole day earlier. Reported that a similar event occurred in Phoenix. 

According to AZFree News, the Heard Museum hosted its first drag show, titled “Pride Night at the Heard,” on Friday, June 3,  sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona with Arizona Public Service. As in Dallas; children got a front-row seat to this grotesque show. The museum checked several woke boxes by making its characters Native American drag queens. “Tomahawk Martini” and “K.Yasss Savage” accordingly strutted their stuff for the kiddies. 

“Drag shows are a good time to forget the world, forget about the bad and just have some fun,” said groomer performer Pyraddictionn inside Heard Museum’s Steele Auditorium Friday night. “To all you children who are here, give a big round of applause for your parents who brought you. I know I would’ve liked to have gone to a drag show when I was your age.” 

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Pity to these children whose parents exposed them to this degrading material. The night became more disgusting as the confused man encouraged children to give each performer dollar bills to the frightening cheers from parents. One creepy performer, Felix, said the quiet part aloud and was happy to see children there.  

There seem to be enough sober adults left in Phoenix that the grooming event was 

heavily criticized. On the event’s website, many readers were so upset at the fusion of the LGBT ideologies and the Native American cultures that the organizers had to limit the number of comments on the post. 

But perhaps the most atrocious aspect of the event is that the kids were then forced to listen to the poetry of the performers. A Drag Queen Twerk-Off and Poetry Slam may be the most heinous instance of child abuse ever reported.