Add John Kerry, Sen. Tom Carper, and Sen. Raphael Warnock To List of COVID Hypocrites

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 22, 2021
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Any contemporary Sisyphus compiling a list of the politicians and bureaucrats who break their own COVID19 lockdown edicts likely will find his work never done.

He’ll write about Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) going maskless at a hair salon during lockdown in San Fran, or President Joe Biden going maskless at the Lincoln Memorial mere hours after issuing an Executive Order forbidding such activity on so-called “federal property”, only to discover another bureaucrat or politician around the world who -- much like the Climate Change Cult Leaders who leave their mansions and travel the globe in private jets to warn about the use of jets and energy to heat homes – sees his or her nonsensical and unconstitutional edicts as “for thee and not for me.”

Thus, as I composed a separate MRCTV piece that included a paragraph about political hypocrites who’ve broken their own COVID-19 lockdown mandates, I found that the list needed – shock! -- updating.

And, get ready for another shock, Climate Cultist, former Senator and Secretary of State, John “Heinz” Kerry is now on the list. 

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Yes. Not only does Captain Climate spew hot puffery about how international jet-setting is “the only choice for people like me” – people who’ve proclaimed that their fight against the “warming” bogeyman is so important they can gallivant around the globe, while you can’t – now, Kerry’s been shown to have breached Joe Biden’s and the airline’s rules about going sans face-diaper on a plane.

As Neil W. McCabe wrote March 17 for the Tennessee Star:

John Forbes Kerry, the U.S. special presidential envoy for climate, while sitting in first-class, took off his mask today as he settled into his book moments before his American Airlines flight from Boston to Washington took off.

The so-called Climate Envoy was not eating, nor drinking, even though first-class passengers are often served before take-off.

And, as Michael Tennant reports for The New American:

In the photograph published by the Star, Kerry is shown with his mask hanging from one ear. He is clearly not alone in the first-class section of the plane; besides the passenger who took the picture, there is another seated next to Kerry.

For a moment, someone might hope Kerry realized that the so-called “pandemic” is overblown - but that's unlikely. 

Continues Tennant:

Kerry’s behavior was a clear violation of Biden’s day-one executive order mandating the wearing of masks, with limited exceptions, on public transportation. It was also a violation of American Airlines’ policy that not only threatens unmasked passengers with removal from the aircraft and possible federal penalties but also with ‘being barred from future travel with American.’

Kerry tried to massage it away, claiming that it was “malarkey” on St. Patrick’s Day (his last name is not Irish, by the way). Indeed, Kerry tried to claim he only removed his superhero mask for a moment.



Writes Tennant:

However, the passenger who claims to have taken the photo told Fox News Kerry had his mask off for five minutes. ‘If five minutes is “momentarily,” he’s correct,’ the passenger added. ‘Not sure being in a plane without a mask for five minutes is excusable.’

And, lest someone get the wrong idea about the gist here, I do not write to stress the importance of masks. I write to point out the hypocrisy – something with which John Kerry appears to be very comfortable, when it’s his own.

But, thank goodness, Kerry must have the luck o’ the non-Irish, because his hypocritical lapse and “for thee, not me” attitude soon was displaced by the foolishness of yet another political hypocrite, Delaware Senator, and “for the people” Democrat Tom Carper, who, as Tennant explains:

The same day Kerry was flying without a mask, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) was seen chairing a committee hearing (over the Internet) on board an Amtrak train while not wearing a mask, a violation of both Biden’s order and Amtrak policy. That would be the same Senator Carper who, back in November, tweeted, ‘Wearing a mask isn’t a political statement. Wearing a mask is about basic human decency and protecting those around us.’

And both of them were upstaged by freshly minted Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock (D), who not only got caught Friday, March 19 going maskless prior to an interview with spongy CBS News figure Ed O’Keefe, it turns out that his own press secretary published the photo of the hypocrisy.

Writes Hannah Bleau, for Breitbart:

’a little tie fixing action with @edokeefe, can’t wait for y’all to see this interview,’ his press secretary, Meredith Brasher, wrote, providing a photo of a maskless Warnock adjusting O’Keefe’s tie and another of the two engaging in the interview. Notably, Warnock had his mask on in the second photo as the cameras rolled

And Bleau followed it up with the embed of said Tweet, showing the maskless Sergeant Style, Senator Warnock, fixing O’Keefe’s tie.

What a guy. One wonders why O'Keefe didn't report that...

Or why O'Keefe didn't report what Bleau observes about Warnock:

Last year, prior to the Georgia runoff election, Warnock said wearing a mask is ‘as basic as love your neighbor.’

And, goodness knows, politicians know plenty about the rhetoric of “love thy neighbor” – they just rarely live by their rhetoric.

Adds Bleau in her walk down memory lane of Warnock’s absurd grandstanding prior to the election:

’People should be wearing a mask right now because it’s the right thing to do. For me, it’s as basic as love your neighbor — love your neighbor, love your country, love yourself, socially distance, put on a mask, wash your hands,’ he told reporters, adding that he aimed to be a good model as a pastor.

There’s even more of that blather, but you get it. You’ve gotten it for a long time, and it looks a lot like this:

“Rules for thee, and not for me. Now, gimme your dough, and don’t say anything about that Constitution I swore to uphold, or the Ten Commandments, or anything like that. Be a good subject, make sure you give us access to your kids via our tax-funded propaganda centers, don’t complain while our ideological allies shut down your businesses and churches, and enjoy our generational enslavement of you and yours.”

That’s about the size of it.

Oh, and the mask? It’s a muzzle.

For you and me, and not for them.