Actress Patricia Heaton is Pro-Science and Pro-Life

Mark Judge | April 25, 2017
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Actress Patricia Heaton, star of “The Middle” and Everybody Loves Raymond,” has been tweeting out her support for science – and for life.

During the March for Science on April 22, Heaton, 59, tweeted out this message: “Happy #MarchforScience Day! Fetal-Development Pictures #Proscience #Prolife #sciencemarch.” Attached was a link to a slideshow from showing a baby developing over nine months.



Heaton, a Catholic, recently retweeted a picture of two pro-life protesters at the march for Science. The two unidentified women carried signs that read: “A Human’s Life Begins at Conception” and “The Embryology Textbook Tells Me So.”

Last January, Heaton spoke at OneLife LA, an annual pro-life march in Los Angeles. During her speech, Heaton said in part:

“People must never be treated as commodities. And children should never be treated as property that can be disposed of. So for that reason today and every day we honor that dignity, we celebrate that dignity, and we recommit ourselves tirelessly to offer hope in a world that offers only despair, to offer peace in a world that offers violence, and to offer love in a world that offers hate.”

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