Actress Patricia Arquette Tweets Russia Should Be Tossed From NATO, Worsens Act With 'Dyslexia' Excuse

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 7, 2022
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Leftist actress Patricia Arquette is well known for being outspoken. If there’s a microphone nearby, she’s likely to use it to say something she thinks is important.

Likewise, she has a virtual microphone on her Twitter page, where more than 548,000 people follow her.

But with such reach, one would think she’d not only do a little fact-checking to make sure she doesn’t get things wrong, one would hope that, rather than making up lame excuses when she does get something wrong, she would fess-up and apologize.

On March 4, Ms. Arquette took to Twitter to jump on the already huge dogpile of ignorance when it comes to taking a side in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, entangling alliances, and history.

In a Tweet she subsequently deleted, but was caught by the likes of Donald Trump, Jr., she blasted:

Kick Russia out of NATO.



Which is about as big an error as one could make when it comes to history, Ms. Arquette. So, here's some info for you...

No, Russia is not part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO was formed in 1949 as an alliance organization for North Atlantic anti-communist nation-states to supposedly guard against Soviet communist expansion as Stalin and subsequent USSR despots invaded eastern Europe.

Later on that day, Arquette claimed she erred, in part, because of “dyslexia.”

Posting a meme of a young girl donning shades and saying, “Deal with it, darling,” Arquette wrote:

I’m dyslexic. It’s in my bio and has been for years. A couple 14 hour work days laters and I flipped NATO and UN. You will live.

Insufferable? You be the judge.


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