Actor Tyrese Gibson: Hollywood is ‘Trying to Normalize the Devil’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 9, 2023
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Hey now! I guess we can’t say that ALL of Hollywood is brainwashed. 

Actor Tyrese Gibson guest starred on BigBoyTV’s video podcast series last month to talk about the tenth "Fast and Furious" movie - "Fast X" -  that, at the time, wasn’t released yet. During his interview, Gibson called out Hollywood and exposed the industry’s pro-Satan agenda. 

Finally! A celebrity said what we’ve all been seeing. 

“They are trying to normalize the devil," Gibson stated in a now viral clip the episode. "They are trying to populate — the devil is on the main stage at award shows and in every video — signs and symbols."

Damn. Straight facts sir! 

In the last few years alone there’s been a plethora of different honors to Satan. Singer Sam Smith danced as a devil on stage at the Grammys. His performance paralleled one from singer Lil Nas X in 2021 when he straddled a devil and gave him a lapdance in one of his music videos. This year we also saw a release called, “Little Demon.” It was about an antichrist child of Satan. 

Our culture is spending more time praising Satan than even considering a relationship with Jesus, and it’s infiltrating all aspects of society.

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In his interview, Gibson added the following:

And I say ‘you know what, we need to stop treating our relationship with Jesus like the little buddy that you talk to before you go to bed at night, and not be more vocal about all the things that God means to us and all of the things that God has brought us through.’ Because there’s been a lot of moments that you didn’t post about. But yet you know, ‘How did God decide to get me through this?’ They goin above and beyond to promote the devil and it’s pissing me off.

Me freakin' too, Mr. Gibson. Me too.

Unironically, Gibson was cut off and the subject changed just after he mentioned how vocal people are about celebrating the devil. There’s no more “goin down in the basement” to praise the devil. Nowadays people aren't ashamed of it. Immediately after that statement, BigBoy himself stated, “I do wanna come back and I wanna talk to you about “Fast X,” as well.

Quick diversion, sir. 

It’s honestly outrageous how the devil has become a topic of worship as of late. I mean, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Target releasing items that said “Satan Respects Pronouns.”

Y’all, this is a battle of good and evil. Kudos to the one Hollywood celebrity who noticed it.


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