Actor Mickey Rourke Says He'd Give a 'Left Hook' to Trump: 'That Lying C***sucker'

Nick Kangadis | November 1, 2019

Writer's Note: Just a little warning ahead of time. Rourke was unhinged in his use of profanity in this story. So if you're adverse to cursing, you've been warned.

There's no denying that plastic actor Mickey Rourke used to be a legitimate tough guy. According to his Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page, Rourke won 27 amateur boxing fights and lost only 3. But, that was well over 40 years ago. I'm not saying the 67-year-old couldn't throw a punch anymore, but someone needs to quit living in Neverland and cut the Hollywood tough guy routine. It's just kinda sad at this point.

Rourke was at his usual juvenile best when he spoke to entertainment outlet TooFab this week, and the TooFab reporter knew exactly what  to ask the questionably inebriated Rourke to get the quote he wanted.

Following the reporter's question about a 1996 lawsuit by a not-yet President Donald Trump against Rourke and late rapper Tupac Shakur, Rourke marinated on the question for a second before unleashing his thesaurus of expletives towards the Commander-in-Chief. 

"I'd rather talk about it in the daytime," Rourke began, "because that piece of sh*t that's sitting in the White House. That p***y. That lying c**ksucker. That f**king no good f**king two-faced piece of s**t."

After that, Rourke took off his sunglasses -- which he definitely was wearing at night -- and began to bizarely cut some kind of pro wrestling-esque promo on the president.

Take a look for yourselves. Weird stuff, man (Just another WARNING: Very Strong Language):


Ooookay. Someone needs a nap.

As Breitbart noted, Rourke has a history of unfiltered comments about Trump:

Rourke, meanwhile, has repeatedly made incendiary comments about Donald Trump. In 2015, the Ironman 2 star spoke of his desire to have “30 seconds in a room” with Trump so he could tell him to “go f**k himself.”

Later on in the campaign, Rourke also threatened to attack Trump with a baseball bat after calling him “the biggest scumbag on the planet,” while also describing his wife Melania as “one of the biggest golddiggers around.”

Last year, the Expendables star also attacked Trump over his policies on illegal immigration, declaring him a “faggot” responsible for “separating thousands of children from their families.”

Here are more comments made by Rourke to TMZ in 2018 (Again, WARNING: Strong Language):


By the way, especially since Trump is the president, there's no way Rourke gets the chance he so apparently craves.