Actor Jon Voight Defends President Trump in Video: 'He is Not a Racist'

Nick Kangadis | August 7, 2019
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Following the pair of horrific mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, leftists, the media and the Hollywood elite have all laid the blame, as well as the label of racist, squarely at the feet of President Donald Trump. It has been an unrelenting barrage of hate directed at the president by people that claim Trump is, in fact, the world’s primary peddler of hate.

Some Trump supporters aren’t taking this verbal beating lying down.

Longtime actor Jon Voight took to Twitter earlier this week to deliver what he called his “message for America.”

In the video, the “Midnight Cowboy” actor spoke passionately about the greatness of America and how the use of “past lives” has driven a wedge between people in this country, primarily based in race and hate.

“But this is not about color, race, religion,” Voight said. “This is the United States of America, a nation built on trust and liberty. A soil of greatness. A land of opportunities where all can grow and succeed with freedom — a nation of greatness.”

After Voight’s comments on the greatness of the U.S., he then delved into the deep end where he briefly spoke about the validity of the left’s claims that Trump is a racist hate monger.

Here’s more of what Voight had to say:

These angered left-wingers preach love, but only pollute. We must understand that this is a nation of liberty, and this president is honoring all. He is not a racist, but a man who loves his country and has every intention to make this land great again.

You can check out Voight’s full comments below: