Actor John O'Hurley Says He's 'Embarrassed' For 'Will & Grace' Stars Calling for Outing Trump Donors

Nick Kangadis | September 3, 2019
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At least there are a few people in Hollywood that have the guts to call out the gestapo-style tactics employed by some of their colleagues. It’s gotten so out of hand for some perceivably delusional members of the Hollywood far-left that they’re resorted to actively calling for a list of Trump supporters so they know who not to work with. These are sad people.

In response to the recent calls for the outing of Trump supporters attending a Beverly Hills, Calif.  fundraiser, actor John O’Hurley made an appearance on Fox News to discuss the actions of “Will & Grace” co-stars Will McCormack and Debra Messing. Both McCormack and Messing called on The Hollywood Reporter to list the names of those attending.

“Well, let me just say that I’m embarrassed for both of them,” O’Hurley said. “And I’ll say this because I know them both, and I’ve worked with Debra before. They’re both smart people. They do wonderful work, but they’re pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy as though the Hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking.”

Anyone who has any idea of the content Messing regularly churns out on Twitter knows that the 51-year-old actress seems to be unhinged when it comes to the topic of President Donald Trump. McCormack isn’t too far off from that level of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) himself.

Here are the tweets from McCormack and Messing that O’Hurley was asked about on Fox News:



The “tolerant” far-left, ladies and gentlemen.

O’Hurley, known for making the occasional appearance on “Seinfeld” and for being the former host of “The Family Feud” for five years, also spoke on the difficulties of being a conservative in Hollywood.

For, perhaps, the best part of the interview, read below:

It’s very difficult to be a conservative in Hollywood, ‘cause you really do feel, even though there are many of us, you do feel like you’re an island fighting the storm. But, as I say, it stops the notion that artistic expression really is the act of the infinite possibility. All viewpoints must be observed and respected. So, at the same time we are supporting free thinking, we also have to support free receptors — people that will allow other ideas to affect them.

Maybe the far-left in Hollywood will someday “get it.” Until then, people like O’Hurley will have to risk future employment opportunities in an attempt to make opposing viewpoints heard on the Left coast.

For video of O’Hurley’s interview, watch below:

H/T: Daily Caller