Actor James Cromwell: 'Revolution,' 'Blood in the Streets' If Trump Isn't Stopped

Nick Kangadis | October 30, 2018
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Actors. They think what they have to say holds more weight than the rest of us, just because they may have, at one time, made a decent movie. News flash! Hollywood rhetoric holds about as much weight as a container that doesn’t exist.

Actor James Cromwell was on the red carpet at the 4th annual Carney Awards on Sunday when he went on a rant that would make fascist dictators planning an overthrow of the government take note.

Here’s what Cromwell said, according to Variety:

This is nascent fascism. We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state — all we needed was an excuse, and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism. If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.

We’re living in very curious times, and something is coming up which is desperately important to this country and to this planet, and that is an election, in which hopefully in some measure we are going to take back our democracy. We will have a government that represents us and not the donor class. We will cut through the corruption, [and] we won’t have to do what comes next, which is either a non-violent revolution or a violent one, because this has got to end.

What the heck is Cromwell talking about? And to think, they took the controversial Alex Jones off of social media, while the tin-foil hats of the Left are free to spew their non-sensical load of garbage for anyone within earshot to hear.

Oh, and was Cromwell saying that if it has to come to it, violence will be used? People like Cromwell are dangerous people, because the sheep among us actually give credence to things that people like Cromwell say. Weren’t we just hearing from the Left, ad nauseam, that there’s no reason to call for violence or whip up violence through dangerous political rhetoric? I guess Cromwell didn’t get the memo.

Essentially, it’s now our job to laugh at what the clowns in the Hollywood Communistic Cult have to say instead of always getting angry. Laugh at them. Stop giving their words the importance that they think they hold, and then continue to laugh at them.