Actor David Spade to Avoid 'Trump Bashing' in New Talk Show: 'Don't Want Half the Crowd Tuning Me Out'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | July 25, 2019
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Actor and comedian David Spade will not be boarding the celebrity “Bash Trump Train” in his upcoming talkshow on Comedy Central.

“I don’t want half the crowd tuning me out,” Spade told Variety. “I’m just not that smart and there are other guys doing it better.”

The seasoned entertainer will be the host of “Lights Out” which is set to air Monday nights at 11:30 p.m.

As Variety reports:

'Lights Out' will have a monologue, guests and field pieces, Spade says, but will likely focus more on talking to a panel about popular culture and digital happenings. He’s not even sure he will revive the celebrity put-downs that brought him a measure of fame on 'SNL.'

“I still like to make fun of everyone and what they are doing, but it’s more good-natured," he said. "I realize how hard careers are and I realize you don’t need someone overnight s—ting on you out of the blue,” he said. “But when people do things, I think it’s fair game to make a few jokes, and then you move on — not too personal, of course.”

The well-known comedian and his team at Comedy Central recognized people are getting frustrated with hearing bad and uninteresting jokes about the president every 30 seconds.

“We started realizing that there was such a glut of politics and vitriol – ‘Trump fatigue’ in particular,'” Kent Alterman, president of Comedy Central, Paramount Network, and TV Land, said in an interview. “We kind of felt it intuitively, and we did research with our audience. People are just burning out on hard-core politics and Trump.”

In regards to people criticizing him for avoiding politics, Spade doesn’t mind.

“I just want to do a lighthearted show,” he explained. “We are going to throw our best jokes out and you’ll like them or you won’t, but you are not going to want to punch your TV.”

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