Activists Shut Down NYC Subway Service to Protest for Career Criminal Jordan Neely, Assault Multiple Cops

Nick Kangadis | May 8, 2023
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Yours truly has covered enough protests over the years to know that a good portion of leftist protesters have no idea about the details of why they’re protesting, only that they desperately seek attention for allegedly being “good people” because they support “the current thing.”

“The current thing” right now is to defend career criminal Jordan Neely after he was allegedly accidentally choked to death by 24-year-old Marine, Daniel Penny.

For context, Neely was harassing and threatening passengers on the subway when Penny put the man in a chokehold to prevent him from hurting anyone. The chokehold was applied for an extended period of time until the police arrived to take control of the situation.

Neely was allegedly begging for food, but that’s not an excuse to act like the criminal he already was. According to WABC in New York, “Neely had been previously arrested 44 times for multiple assaults, an attempted child abduction, drugs and indecent exposure."

Basically, Neely wasn’t going to win any humanitarian awards anytime soon. That’s not an excuse for his death, but Neely probably shouldn’t have been on the streets at all judging by his rap sheet.

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Predictably, leftist protesters — of which there are an abundance in New York City — not only stopped subway service by jumping down on the tracks, but some in the group also got violent, assaulting police officers.

WABC reported:

Three people were arrested Saturday for assaulting police officers during the subway death protests. Officials say a 29-year-old man repeatedly slammed an NYPD inspector's arm with a station exit gate, a 25-year-old woman blocked an incoming Q train, refused to get off the tracks, then knocked a police officer to the ground as she resisted arrest and a 42-year-old woman allegedly punched a police officer.

The NYPD is still looking for six others who jumped on the subway tracks.

There were more than six others who jumped on the tracks, as evidenced by the video seen below:

At the time of his death, Neely had a warrant out for his arrest after violently attacking an older woman.

Leave it to leftists to protest for the biggest scumbags on the planet. They have a giant track record of doing so, and two other names that the left mourned for prove just that — George Floyd and Jacob Blake.


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