Activist WH Press Sec. Backs Up Biden, Says What 'MAGA Republicans' Have Done is 'the Definition of Fascism'

Nick Kangadis | August 26, 2022
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It’s almost laughable at this point when you look at the activists delivering President Joe Biden’s regime’s messaging that they call everyone they literally hate fascists, while simultaneously using their power to exert control over the American populace, as well as their enemies, to hold onto the power they so desperately crave.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did her best to sound like the far-left activist that she really is by using a tired, old tactic that her communist comrades have used for years — accuse everyone that opposes you of what you do yourselves on a daily basis.

KJP was asked about comments made by Bolshevik Beijing Biden towards former President Donald Trump during a Thursday union rally in Maryland where the current president said that the “MAGA philosophy” of Trump is like “semi-fascism.”

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Look, I was very clear when laying out and defining, what, you know, MAGA Republicans have done. And you look at the definition of fascism, and you think about what they’re doing in attacking our democracy, what they’re doing in taking away our freedoms, taking away, wanting to take away our rights, our voting rights. That is what that is. It is very clear.

Is it? Is it? Is it “very clear?” If so, then it’s the first “clear” sentence that KJP has uttered since being gifted her job back in May.

She speaks very definitively when she’s allowed to go off the cuff and into defamatory mode. It’s what far-leftists are good at, while not being good at much else — unless we’re talking about KJP. In her case, she’s also good at flipping through binders and not finding anything of substance to say that others were supposed to write for her.

Fascists are at their very best when they see opportunities to slander others as the very thing that defines who they are. It’s called projection, and it works great for people who never accept responsibility for any of their own shortcomings.

KJP deserves no mercy, and will be given no such quarter for such ridiculous statements. She spoke of the definition of fascism, but she has yet to publicly define it besides saying others’ actions are the definition of it. That way, empty-headed leftists can repeatedly change definitions into anything they want, as long as it fits their narratives and feeds their purposes.


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