Activist Tommy Robinson Declares Victory, Contempt Case to Be Moved to Attorney General

Nick Kangadis | October 23, 2018
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‘Hey, Tommy Tommy! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson!’

British Activist Tommy Robinson isn’t out of hot water just yet, but he proclaimed victory on Tuesday no matter what the future holds.

Robinson was allowed to walk free on bail after returning to court following a two-and-a-half month stint in jail. The anti-radical Islam activist had been ordered back in court to revisit a contempt of court case that stemmed from Robinson reporting on a Muslim rape gang outside the Leeds Crown Court in May.

According to The Guardian:

[Recorder of London, Nicholas] Hilliard said the decision to refer the case to the attorney general would allow Robinson’s contempt charges to be heard in a proper adversarial setting, in which a lawyer could present evidence and question witnesses to make the case.

He said he had made the decision after receiving a statement from Robinson on Monday. The court heard that in the current setting lawyers would not be able to perform an appropriate cross-examination of the evidence.

“No matter what happens today, I’ve already won,” Robinson said, following his release. “Their attempts to silence and stop people having the knowledge the Muslim rape gangs that are terrorizing our nation. The entire world is watching.”

But even though Robinson is a free man today, he still faces a tough battle to maintain said freedom. There is currently no timetable for a new court date or a decision by the attorney general.

Ezra Levant, of Canadian publication The Rebel, was live outside the Old Bailey criminal court in London on Tuesday. It’s being reported that about 1,000 people flooded the street in front of the court house in support of Robinson.

Take a look:


Not one to be shy about voicing his opinion, Robinson told the supporters that the “entire world” will learn of the plight facing Britain.

“The intention of this imprisonment was to prevent the public having knowledge,” he said, according to The Guardian. “I want to spend the next six months travelling to towns that have been blighted by these problems. By next summer the entire world is going to learn the true extent of the rape of Britain.”

Funnily enough, British publications — such as the BBC, Daily Mail, and The Independent — omitted any mention of Muslims, unless they were quoting Robinson. The Daily Mail even changed their reference to “Muslim grooming gangs” and substituted the term with “Asian rape gangs.”

Robinson was arrested in May, while reporting outside the Leeds Crown Court, for live streaming coverage of a Muslim grooming gang trial in which Robinson deliberately avoided giving people any information that wasn’t public knowledge already.

That was enough for the PC-indoctrinated British Police to arrest Robinson for a “breach of the peace.” Essentially, Robinson was arrested for practicing journalism.

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