Activist Taylor Swift Thinks People Should Vote Early Because of Trump's 'Calculated Dismantling of USPS'

Nick Kangadis | August 17, 2020
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When she’s not writing albums about her ex-boyfriends, pop singer Taylor Swift likes to get political and it’s usually hilarious because she always seems so “informed.” You gotta love it when these celebrities tweet out “hot takes” that sound like CNN’s Brian Stelter wrote it for them. Not only that, but these way-out-of-touch-with-reality “stars” always speak in terms of “we” — as if everyone would listen to people like Swift’s music, let alone go to them for political advice.

Swift took to Twitter over the weekend to warn her fans that President Donald Trump’s “calculated dismantling” of the United States Postal Service (USPS) “proves” that Trump himself knows that no one wants him as president.

The 30-year-old also told followers that because of Trump’s treachery they should “Request a ballot early” and “Vote early.”

Folks, don’t listen to celebrities unless they’re talking about acting, singing or making a movie. Getting your political advice from a celebrity is like taking advice on automotive repairs from a politician. Politics and pretty much any other aspect of life don’t mix.

I’d say Swift should stick to singing, but I’m objectively not a fan of her music either. But hey, what do I know? Maybe it is a good idea to take life and political advice from someone who has lived in a bubble her entire adult life?