Activist David Hogg Equates WWII Soldiers With Far-Left Antifa

Nick Kangadis | June 1, 2020

Activist David Hogg seems to be throwing darts at a dartboard and saying pretty much anything that will get him attention on social media. It's to the point that Hogg seems intent on fanning the flames of hatred and division.

Just one day after Hogg lead a campaign to get #F**kDonaldTrump trending on Twitter, Hogg switched his focus to World War II veterans, of which he claims his "grandpa" was a veteran.

While the soldiers in WWII were fighting against actual fascism, Hogg seems to think that the criminal activity of the far-left Antifa group is commendable simply because he doesn't like President Donald Trump. The two groups of people, WWII veterans and Antifa members, cannot be compared. There's no comparison.

Antifa allegedly fights against fascism by exclusively using fascistic tactics, while a large portion of their ranks are comprised of communists. The group is such a burden on society that Trump sent out a Sunday tweet announcing that Antifa will be designated by the U.S. as a "Terrorist Organization." The announcement prompted Hogg's tweet above and subsequent doubling down.

Hogg sent out the following tweet in response to Sen. Tom Cotton's (R-Ark.) tweet where he proposed that if the rioters and looters don't stop their destruction of property the "101st Airborne Division" should be brought out to test how tough they really are.

A follow-up tweet placed in a thread of the above tweet by Hogg included a link to an overview of the 101st Airborne Division's activities during WWII. Hogg tweeted the link in order to show how U.S. soldiers fought against fascism. But, there were no references to the terms "anti" or "fascism" in the summary.

The fact that Hogg doesn't see the difference between hate groups like Antifa and WWII veterans might indicate to some that Hogg has either never truly encountered Antifa or that he chooses to turn a blind eye to their divisive tactics.