Act of Kindness: Detroit Cop Displays Humanity, Helps Homeless Man Trying to Shave

Nick Kangadis | September 19, 2019
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It really doesn’t matter where you turn nowadays, bad or negative news travels much faster than  positive news of people helping people just because. The media and politicians are dead-set on making everyone miserable through keeping the news so negative that it keeps the people divided.

That’s why I’m more than happy to report on a story that happened in Detroit recently.

Detroit Police Department Officer Jeremy Thomas approached Stanley Nelson, a homeless man, who was attempting to shave on the street outside baseball’s Detroit Tigers Comerica Park last week.

According WXYZ - Detroit:

Officer Thomas said he saw a woman and her daughter had just given the man a homeless handout that included a razor, shaving cream, and a bottle of water.

A short time later, a worker for Comerica Park told the officer that the man was trying to use rain water from a downspout to shave.

Officer Thomas went over to the man who was then using a puddle to rinse off the disposable razor.

The officer went up to Nelson, who was covered in shaving cream, and said, “Excuse me, sir,” to which the man replied, “I’ll leave. I’ll leave.”

Officer Thomas reassured Nelson that he wasn’t coming by to tell him to leave. He confronted him simply because he wanted to help give him a clean shave.

“No, do you need some help?” Officer Thomas asked Nelson, according to WXYZ. “And he turned around blindly and said, ‘Yes, thank you. God bless.’”

A local woman who saw Officer Thomas approach Nelson posted about the interaction on Facebook when she realized Thomas was trying to help the man out:


“What he did for me, that was alright," Nelson told WXYZ. "I really appreciate that because, you know, I'm going through my thing and I feel bad about myself, you know, but I'm gonna be alright.”

Something as small as a clean shave can help boost someone’s confidence. But, when someone else goes out of their way, when they don’t really have to, in order to help their fellow man for no other reason than it’s the nice thing to do, that can be an even greater booster of someone’s personal morale. It can, even slightly, restore someone’s faith in humanity that they might think has forgotten about them.

Nelson understands that and heaped praise upon Thomas for his act of kindness.

“That was beautiful what he did and God is gonna bless him for doing that for me because he didn't have to do that,” Nelson said.

I’ll leave the final words to Officer Thomas, because I can’t say it any better myself.

“Just know that this could be you at any day," Officer Thomas noted. "Nobody is better than the other person. They may be in a better position in life, but use that opportunity to take care of somebody else when you can.”

For local coverage of this story, watch below:


H/T: ABC News