ACLU Tweets a Photo of a White Baby In a 'Free Speech' Onesie, Gets Called Racist

ashley.rae | August 24, 2017
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The ACLU has apologized for perpetuating “white supremacy” after some on Twitter took offense to a tweet featuring a white baby.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the ACLU posted a photo of a child wearing a “free speech” onesie with the text, “This is the future that ACLU members want”:

Instead of noticing the shirt the baby was wearing, some people immediately took offense to the tweet including a white baby:

Anthropologist Michael Oman-Reagan suggested he would rather have a future featuring black characters from science fiction films:

In response to the uproar, the ACLU thanked its Twitter follows for bringing attention to the fact that "white supremacy is everywhere" -- apparently even in merely posting images of white babies:

The ACLU then issued another tweet clarifying they meant to highlight ACLU onesies, not white babies:

Of course, that wasn’t enough. One Twitter user remarked the tweet made her “afraid” since it featured a blonde baby that somehow symbolizes “white supremacy”:

Another person claimed the tweet should be deleted since it “smacks of ethno-nationalist propaganda”:

The ACLU was essentially between a rock and a hard place: use a gif of a white child and you’re perpetuating white supremacy, or use a gif of a black child and you’re using “digital blackface.”

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