According to Northwestern University Opinion Editor, White People Walking on Sidewalks is Now Racist

Nick Kangadis | May 12, 2021
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Another story to file under “stupid people” comes out of a place that’s close to home for yours truly, Northwestern University (NU). NU is billed as an Ivy League school in the Midwest, so you know that indoctrination abounds and leftist “theories” are treated as fact.

I’m not going to use the writer’s name, you can look for yourselves at this link, but the opinion editor for the Daily Northwestern asserted in an article that even the way white people walk on a sidewalk is racist.

“When I first got to Northwestern, I wondered why walking around on campus could be so frustrating," he wrote. "Even when sidewalks were relatively empty, I would often have to walk way around people to pass without bumping into them.”

So to be inconvenienced, even for a second in a small, minute way is now racist. Stupid.

I’ve personally walked on the NU campus — granted that was over 10 years ago — but I never saw any reason to believe or had any delusions that white people simply walking on a sidewalk was racist for any reason.

But the writer explained further:

That social order required black people to yield to white people whenever possible. Black people were made to show deference to white people anytime they interacted. One of the ways they were made to do so was by stepping off the sidewalk when a white person was walking past. The informal rules are passed down through generations just like any other kind of etiquette.

White people came to expect the right of way in public spaces. White people who were accustomed to moving through the world like that — intentionally or not — taught their kids to move through the world in the same way. And the racism that undergirded Jim Crow wasn't eliminated just because the laws were no longer overtly racist.

The writer uses the phrase “intentionally or not,” which means that this dude firmly believes in “unconscious racism.” For the record, that’s not actually a thing. It’s what actual racists like to use as an argument against people they’re accusing of racism when the racism they’re talking about doesn’t really exist in that specific situation.

Wait, there's more!

"Many White people walk around campus having unknowingly absorbed this particular facet of white supremacy," the writer wrote, "and the leaders of the institution do little to make us believe that white supremacy is something worth challenging in the first place."

If you’re a person writing garbage like this, wouldn’t it just be easier to say that you dislike white people? It would get to the point quicker and others would actually know how you really feel instead of reaching and having to write ridiculous articles like this one.

H/T: The Blaze

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