Abraham Accords Anniversary Milestone Marred by Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jason Cohen | September 20, 2022
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Last week was the two-year anniversary of the Abraham Accords, which were brokered by President Trump and signed on September 15, 2020. Despite its substantial historical significance, it was not covered accordingly by American media at the time because they did not want to give credit to Trump. 

Under the agreement, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates established full diplomatic relations with Israel, recognizing its sovereignty. It was the first Arab-Israel normalization agreement since 1994 and only the third one ever – a pretty big deal. 

Even though it was the two-year anniversary and Trump is no longer president, the mainstream media still did not desire to discuss this amazing achievement. 

Trump’s only major interview on the Accords  as of this writing is with actor Jon Voight on Newsmax. You’d think an agreement that provides peace and prosperity to the Middle East would be worth at least some celebration. 


While the media in the United States largely neglected the momentous occasion and the progress since then, The Jerusalem Post did not, stating, “Relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel are flourishing … The countries are forging ahead, showcasing that the agreements signed two years ago weren’t a hollow PR stunt. The importance reaches far beyond the two countries to Israel’s ties to India, as well as to peace with Morocco, Bahrain and other countries.

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According to Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in law who was one of the main brokers of the accords, the Trump administration had six more countries on the path to joining the Accords. But the Biden administration disappointingly did not follow through with them. 

If it is truly Trump Derangement Syndrome that can be blamed for the suppression of the story and the failure to persist with promoting peace and prosperity in the Middle East, that is pathetic and tragic. The media and left should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that to get in the way of such massive positivity in the world. 

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