Abortionists, Rejoice! Chicago Public Schools Will Now Provide Free Condoms to FIFTH GRADERS

Brittany M. Hughes | July 8, 2021
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In a new move sure to make the abortionists of America happy, Chicago Public Schools will now hand out free condoms to 5th graders.


As in, children who are around 10 or 11 years old, many of whom haven’t even reached puberty yet, and who definitely, definitely shouldn’t be having sex. Or thinking about sex. Or know much if anything about sex.

While Planned Parenthood excitedly rushes to create a new “revenue” line in their annual budget, CPS says they’re making it mandatory that all public elementary schools with students fifth grade and higher have 250 condoms on hand at any given time to be passed out freely to elementary school students who might request them, according to the Chicago Sun Times. In practice, this means that elementary schools that include 5th grade but also house earlier grades could wind up making condoms available to kids even younger. 

High schools, on the other hand, will be required to stock 1,000 condoms.

According to the article, the new rule will apply to all but about a dozen schools out of CPS’s 600 facilities, which will now supply condoms placed in open locations that are “easily accessible” to students. Some schools will also reportedly host “condom demonstrations” to teach kids how to use them (though any schools that do so have been encouraged to let parents know beforehand - if that makes you feel any better).

The CPS Board of Education approved the new measure last fall, adding to a new statewide mandate dictating that all public schools also keep free feminine hygiene products on hand for students who don't bring their own.

CPS’ head doctor Kenneth Fox said the move will help kids “make healthy decisions” about sex, and then “act on those decisions.”

“Young people have the right to accurate and clear information to make healthy decisions,” said Fox, a pediatrician of 30 years. “And they need access to resources to protect their health and the health of others as they act on those decisions.”

“Essentially what we want to do is make condoms available to students for if and when they think they need them,” he said. “ … When you don’t have those protections and don’t make those resources available then bad stuff happens to young people. You have elevated risks of sexually transmitted infections, of unintended pregnancies, and that’s very preventable stuff.”

Of course, someone with a bit of common sense might argue that telling students how to use condoms, then leaving said condoms on a folding table next to the basketball sign-up sheet, might only encourage kids who otherwise wouldn’t be thinking about having sex into doing so and taking the exact risks Fox says he’s trying to prevent. Something about dangling carrots in front of horses, and whatnot.

The Sun Times reports Fox said the school system decided fifth grade was the appropriate age group at which to start doling out condoms due to educators’ “developmental understanding of children.”

The American Pregnancy Association reports condoms carry a 14-15% failure rate given how many people use them incorrectly – a rate you’d only expect would increase when talking about kids who half the time can’t remember to grab their bagged lunch off the counter or bring their jacket home from math class.

So this should work out well…

…for those who profit from “taking care of” accidental pregnancies, that is.

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