Abortion-Pusher Pelosi To 'Morning Joe': 'Everything I Do Is About the Children'


Singer Bryan Adams released a huge hit in his theme song for Kevin Costner’s 1991 film, “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.” It was called, “Everything I Do (I Do It for You)”, and became virtually ubiquitous on pop radio for the next year.

Today, the princess of thievery is putting a new, jaw-dropping, spin on that phrase.

She is, of course, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and she just told the pathetic political sponge Joe Scarborough that everything she does, she does for kids.

Which, one can deduce, must include backing the forced expropriation of tax money from people in order to pay abortion clinics to…kill human babies.

Thanks to Trent Baker suffering through the exchange and writing about it for Breitbart, Ms. Pelosi took time away from having her chauffer illegally park her enormous SUV in San Fran to chat with “Morning Joe,” telling His Greatness:

Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that President Donald Trump has stood in the Democrats’ way as they want to have vote-by-mail and safely reopen schools in the fall. She added that everything she does “is about the children,” and she has “advice” for children, “whether they want it or not.”

This is the harridan who not only has voted for statutes that directly handed tax cash to abortion mill Planned Parenthood, this is the woman who, in 2019, tried to force a vote to breach the Hyde Amendment and see tens of millions of dollars returned to abortion centers after President Trump directed the federal “family assistance” cash to pro-life centers as part of his “Protect Life” rule.

This is the woman who, as recently as a few months ago, tried to sneak abortion-mill funding into the unconstitutional “HEROES” Act, and its cash handouts to companies via the so-called “PPP”, or “Paycheck Protection Program.”

Said this “paladin” of children:

‘Let me just say this … you know everything I do is about the children,’ she continued. ‘You know, having five children of my own, nine grandchildren, I worry about everybody’s children in America, of course. I have advice for them whether they want it or not. And one of the things that is so terrible is in this epidemic because we’re saying we have to assault the virus, we have to defeat the virus, contain the virus, stop the spread, and that means we have to have testing, tracing, treatment, masks, spacing, all the rest of it.’

Which is a cluster-bomb of such errant nonsense and venality that it’s worth studying.

She admits that she wants not only to mandate masks contrary to morality and any enumerated power in the U.S. Constitution (something Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both said yesterday they would mandate), but also that she would breach the Fourth Amendment by “tracing” people and testing them. Note that she said, “we" - which, in politics, means YOU, via the force of the state. She also said, “have to have,” which is code for "by government force." So, that not only means she wants the U.S. government to engage in all those predatory and coercive activities, but she wants to force American taxpayers to fund them, just like she wants the feds to fund Planned Parenthood.

And since the U.S. government is racking up debt, Pelosi’s proposals would force future generations to pay for them – even though these future generations have yet to “vote” for anyone engaging in this unscrupulous insult to ethics, logic, and the Founders.

Yeah. It’s all “for the children.”

Those would be the children she sees as tax cattle who will pay for the pork and special-favors, all the force and compulsion, she admires and promotes in her daily screeds.

Eventually, people tired of hearing Mr. Adams’ famous song.

Will people tire of hearing Nancy Pelosi’s repulsive rhetoric and two-faced self-promotion?

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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