Abortion Protester Screams 'We Love Killing Babies!' During Pro-Life Rally

Brittany M. Hughes | July 11, 2022
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The left is finally saying the quiet part out loud – which, frankly, would be helpful…if the quiet part weren’t so disturbing.

Days after The Nation admitted in a shockingly honest headline that “Abortion Involves Killing – and That’s OK,” an unhinged pro-abortion advocate was caught on camera during a pro-life rally openly screaming, “We love killing babies!” 

You don’t say.

Just as shockingly - though, perhaps not as much so, when you consider just how radical the American left has become – a tattoo artist locked down her Instagram account as “private” after posting a photo of a tattoo she’d inscribed on a female friend’s stomach depicting a baby with a knife through its skull, saying it's the "fav tattoo I've ever done."


If you ever wanted to know if liberals are simply ignorant to the horrors of abortion, or if they’re so bloodthirsty and coldhearted that they don’t care, here’s your answer.