‘Abortion is NOT’ Trends On Twitter, 41 Thousand Tweets And Counting

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 5, 2022
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Abortion has been a hot topic issue in the last week. Whether it be in support or opposition the word has floated numerous news outlets and flooded the various social media platforms. 

October 5th was no exception to that. The phrase “Abortion is NOT” started to trend on Wednesday afternoon and garnered over 41,000 tweets. 

Abortion is not

Some tweets debunked the common talking point that “abortion is healthcare.” The pro-life tweets pushed back on the lies of that narrative.

SBA Pro-Life America reiffirmed the notion adding the fact that “killing” cannot be included in “care.”

Townhall Web Editor Rebecca Downs felt it was “awesome” to see people and accounts who were affirming the value of life trending on Twitter.

Connecticut senate candidate John Flynn replied to a video of Gov. Ned Lamont (D-CT) being welcomed to the “most family friendly state in the country” urging that abortion is not “family friendly.”

Numerous other accounts reaffirmed the notion touting things like “abortion is NOT healthcare,” “abortion is not meant to be a form of birth control,” “abortion is not a right, it’s murder,” and that it’s not a “freedom.”

While many tweets helped the pro-life side of the isle, naturally, among the 41,000 tweets, there were a many that pushed the pro-abortion side too.

Singer/songwriter Laura Peri insisted that abortion is not about “personhood” of a “fetus” but rather a woman’s “anatomy.”

The topic of abortion has been on blast in the last few days as we are getting closer and closer to election day.

Tuesday marked the second Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access meeting. At the event VP Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona fear-mongered to gain support of abortion. That event garnered a significant amount of Twitter traction.

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That event was also followed by a slew of tweets and replies touting the need for abortion from Biden and his accomplices.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Anti-Life Whoopi Goldberg threw a temper tantrum over pro-life Dana Loesch’s defense of Republican candidate for Georgia Senate, Herschel Walker. Thousands of people have seen the tweeted clip already.

Obviously abortion is a huge topic right now so it’s cool to see a mostly positive outlook garner so much attention on a Big Tech platform that admittedly prefers to squash those ideas normally. Let’s see the next time that something that allows the conservative side of a situation to trend. Don't hold your breath. 

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