Abortion Groups Get Nearly $1 Billion of Your Money

Stephen Gutowski | June 17, 2010
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Hey, remember that time you voted to spend a billion dollars on stuffing the pockets of abortion mills? Yea, me either. I do, however, remember all the times we have been assured that it is illegal for tax money to go towards abortions. It seems that's only true in the most technical of senses:

This is disgusting. Lets not pretend that because this billion dollars doesn't go "directly" towards paying for abortions that it doesn't go towards paying for abortions. Abortion is the totality of these abortion mills. There is no other purpose for their existence other than to promote and carry out abortions for money.

Giving a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood and the like only means we get a billion dollars worth of massacred infants. These are organizations whose chief pursuit is chemically burning unborn children to death. Failing that they'll settle for simply smashing their skulls or literally tear them limb from limb.

They don't deserve our respect. They certainly don't deserve our money. They don't even deserve to legally exist.