ABC’s Phones Are Ringing As Conservatives Fight Back

Eric Scheiner | February 21, 2018

Over the past week the Media Research Center has called on ABC and The View to apologize for the appalling anti-Christian remarks made about Vice President Mike Pence and Christians across the country.

So far nearly 30,000 calls have been made to ABC President James Goldston’s office. However, there’s yet to be an apology from The View.

A huge number of MRC supporters have written in asking how the issue could be taken up with advertisers, so the MRC has made a list of The View advertisers available here.

Last week, MRC President Brent Bozell wrote an open letter to ABC’s James Goldston noting the network's track record of anti-Chrsitian bigotry and requesting an apology.

“If there is no apology, we will contact the advertisers of The View, and ask MRC’s millions of grassroots activists to do the same. I am sure the advertisers of The View will be just as appalled as I am about the anti-Christian remarks made on the show. I hope you are able to take the appropriate action before we begin,” Bozell said.


MRCTV is a division of the Media Research Center.