ABC's Outrageous 1991 Undercover Investigation of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Stephen Gutowski | February 17, 2011

Given the reactions of the left to both the Acorn and Planned Parenthood stings you might be surprised to learn that Eyeblast has uncovered a nearly identical sting, at least in terms of tactics, against crisis pregnancy centers ABC did in 1991. Apparently back then the left had zero problems with undercover video investigations which end up as edited and excerpted pieces trying to prove a political point. They were also perfectly fine with showing just how much contempt they had for the "bad guys" they recorded. In fact, Chris Wallace's entire ABC report is drenched in condemnation and outrage. What exactly did these crisis pregnancy centers do that was so worthy of ABC's attacks? Well, as far as I can tell, the overarching criticism is that they don't want women to have abortions for various different reasons that ABC doesn't agree with. ABC doesn't even show any real evidence that the crisis pregnancy centers had lied to anybody. The closest they come to doing that is when they confronts one of the crisis pregnancy center operators about one of her councilors describing the wrong abortion for the specific point in the faked pregnancy of one of the ABC producers. Essentially all of the other contentions ABC makes in the report are a matter of opinion.

More specifically ABC presents the opinions of Pro-Choicers and plays them off as though they are fact. The number of women killed by abortions, whether abortion causes breast cancer, and how women feel after having an abortion are all hotly debated issues yet ABC presents the Pro-Choice position on all as fact. They reinforce this by continually calling the crisis pregnancy centers, and by extension their supporters, "fake". To any honest person who watches this ABC piece side by side with either the Acorn videos or Live Action's investigation of Planned Parenthood the full frontal assault ABC puts on is stunning. I mean this supposedly objective media outlet does more editorializing on the subject of their undercover investigation than the conservatives who openly oppose the groups they investigated. It doesn't get more biased than that. That brings me to another point. One of the most consistent criticisms the left has thrown at the Acorn and Planned Parenthood investigations is that they selectively or maliciously edited the tapes and must release them in full. In the video ABC admits this investigation was done over 3 months yet they only aired a couple of minutes on the program. So, ABC, I demand you release ALL of the raw video you have from the 3 months in 1991 you spent going after crisis pregnancy centers. Oh and if you have time, ABC, could you also send along any footage of your reporters expressing the same amount of outrage over Acorn and Planned Parenthood's documented willingness to assist child sex traffickers as they did over crisis pregnancy centers desire for women to not have abortions? Thanks. I won't hold my breath.