ABC’s Dowd: Trump’s ‘Highest Point’ Increasing Debt Ceiling, ‘Divisive’ on NFL

Eric Scheiner | September 25, 2017
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ABC political reporter Matthew Dowd says, the highest point of Donald Trump’s presidency is when he was when he raised the debt ceiling and that Trump has “diverted again to this divisive language” on the NFL.

According to Dowd, agreeing to suspend the debt ceiling through December and allowing U.S. debt to go above $20 trillion made Trump a “unifier” and has been his “highest point” but Trump’s “divisive language” on NFL players kneeling “is not going to benefit him.”

Speaking on Good Morning America Monday Dowd said:

The president has an incredible loyal following, and if he takes that power that he has with his loyal following and brings them along to a place that actually brings the country together, the highest point of his presidency is when he did things that unified the country during the hurricanes and on the debt ceiling and on finding the funding for that. It was his highest point of his presidency.

He's diverted again to this divisive language that is not going to benefit him in the short term.


To some up Dowd’s statement, putting America in more debt without a measure to reduce it in any way- is good. Calling on sports figures to stand during the national anthem - bad.

Some might call Dowd’s statement a “low point."


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