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ABC News Analyst: Hillary Clinton Was Right to Call Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables’


ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd took to Twitter on Tuesday to endorse Hillary Clinton’s infamous “deplorables” remarks, writing to his followers, “Can someone please explain to me how Hillary was wrong.”

"With events over the last few years, and conduct and behavior we have seen, can someone explain to me how Hillary was wrong," he wrote.

What inspired Dowd to write this tweet is unclear.

Sadly enough, he received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Those who offered praise suggested that perhaps Clinton did not go far enough in her condemnation:

Few took issue with the tweet, saying Clinton was wrong for the deplorables remarks, but only because she said them publicly:

Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign labeled half of Trump supporters “deplorables,” meaning racist, sexist, xenophobic, or homophobic.

Clinton did apologize, but only for the way she phrased her message – meaning using the word “half.”

President Trump at his 2020 campaign kickoff rally slammed Clinton calling his supporters deplorable, declaring, "That was their mistake." 

H/T Fox News

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