80 GOP Reps Join Hardcore Leftist Dems To Push For Nationwide Vax Registry

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 6, 2021
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That’s right. 80.

And four Republicans co-sponsored the bill, joining ultra-left NH Congresswoman Ann Kuster (D) on November 30 to push her proposal through the House and await a Senate vote.

The bill leverages inappropriate leftist media hype about COVID19 and fantasies about mRNA jabs into a cuddle-thy-neighbor-until-he-collapses national vaccine registry and medical data storehouse that stands in utter contravention of the Fourth Amendment, not to mention the fact that Congress has no enumerated power to create or fund agencies like Health and Human Services (HHS) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Given the glorious title “Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act”, H.R. 550 will take $400 million in taxpayer cash for, as the politicians claim, “immunization system data modernization and expansion.”

Quaint sounding.

Imagine if, during the time of the Stamp Act, King George and the British Parliament had cooked up a statute called the “Stamp Records Infrastructure Modernization Act” and promoted its increased invasions of homes, businesses, and even wagon inspection as “modernization and expansion” – to “help the people.”

If you can picture that, then you have a handle on the tyranny and invasion of privacy cloaked in mother hen rhetoric that Kuster and her allies are pushing, and which they might just see pass the Senate, then signed by Joe Biden when he takes a break from finger-painting with his drug-haunted son.

As Gregory Hoyt notes for Red Voice Media:

Democrat Rep. Ann Kuster, who is the main sponsor of the bill, dressed the effort as being a means to facilitate a reminder for ‘patients when they are due for a recommended vaccine’ and hone in on areas with low COVID jab rates to ‘ensure equitable distribution of vaccines.’

Which is curious for three reasons.

The first is that it’s the same decayed “we’re the government, and we’re here to help” spiel Kuster and her ilk continue to force-feed, despite it being way, way, way past its believability expiration date.

Come to think of it, there never was a time when that line was believable.

The SECOND is that this is fascism, a “public-private partnership” that runs completely contrary to the U.S. Constitution. And if anyone doubts this fact, here’s some explicit language from H.R. 550:

(3) PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS.—In carrying out paragraph (1), the Secretary may develop and utilize contracts and cooperative agreements for technical assistance, training, and related implementation support.

For the uninformed in AntiFa who parade in their black cassocks and ninja-Smurf outfits as they claim they are “anti-fascist,” here’s a heads-up:

In political philosophy and economics, fascism is the combination of state and corporate power wherein the collectivist state controls or lends “assistance” to “favored” businesses that are, in name only, “privately owned.” Any “public-private partnership” is, by definition, fascist. There is no circumventing this reality, and Benito Mussolini likely would have applauded the contemporary flourishes Rep. Kuster has added to his old fascist style.

The THIRD curiosity is seen in that “paragraph 1” mentioned in the earlier quote, and it’s a much broader problem, covering the entire bill and whole approach of the “vaccine registry” concept.

"Paragraph 1” states, in part:

(A) conduct activities (including with respect to interoperability, population reporting, and bidirectional reporting) to expand, enhance, and improve immunization information systems that are administered by health departments or other agencies of State, local, Tribal, and territorial governments and used by health care providers; and…

Play the screeching tires, because here we ought to pause and note, again, that most of that is inconsistent with any enumerated power in the very Constitution that created Ms. Kuster’s tax-paid office, except, perhaps, for the handling of territories. Even the Tribal matters are far out of constitutional bounds.

But wait, there’s more! Under H.R. 550, the feds will:

(B) award grants or cooperative agreements to the health departments, or such other governmental entities as administer immunization information systems, of State, local, Tribal, and territorial governments, for the expansion, enhancement, and improvement of immunization information systems to assist public health departments in—

(i) assessing current data infrastructure capabilities and gaps among health care providers to improve and increase consistency in patient matching, data collection, reporting, bidirectional exchange, and analysis of immunization-related information;

(ii) providing for technical assistance and the efficient enrollment and training of health care providers, including at pharmacies and other settings where immunizations are being provided, such as long-term care facilities, specialty health care providers, community health centers, Federally qualified health centers, rural health centers, organizations serving adults 65 and older, and organizations serving homeless and incarcerated populations…

Working backwards, from the wondrous “Paragraph 1, Section B, Sub-Section ii,” we can see the clear fascism, as the feds not only spread their tentacles into “community health centers” but also pharmacies and “organizations.” But in Sub-Section “i” we can see the other key facet of the bill, which is that it has to do with “data infrastructure” and “gaps” in “collection” and “reporting.”

And the next two Sub-Sections tell us precisely what this is about:

(iii) improving secure data collection, transmission, bidirectional exchange, maintenance, and analysis of immunization information;

(iv) improving the secure bidirectional exchange of immunization record data among Federal, State, local, Tribal, and territorial governmental entities and non-governmental entities…

In other words, this is a vax registry. It is medical data-mining. It is health-inspection by the agents of the state.

Boosters of the program might claim the data will be “meta,” with names stripped.

Such a claim is utterly false and functionally not reflected by what H.R. 550 intends to do.

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Simply put, the proposal will act upon that which I and a handful of others in the United States have been warning since 1996: the data collection provisions of HIPAA.

As I have had the opportunity to mention for MRCTV, the deceptively labeled Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 has nothing to do with improving “portability,” or “accountability,” and it has no tie to the U.S. Constitution. It gets between you and your doctor, MANDATING something that you both could handle through private contract if you wanted -- that issue being your interest in the doctor not sharing your health information without your permission. Instead, it forces the doctor to get your signed “consent” to share your medical data, and, even as it has gotten people thinking it “protects medical privacy” it actually claims for THE GOVERNMENT the power to collect your private medical information.

I’ve been writing about it since 1996, and HIPAA is a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment, which requires all levels of government to acquire a warrant from a publicly visible judge, naming the person to be searched and the item or items sought.

But, in 1996, the DC pushers of HIPAA could see that medical info was going to be digitized, and they wanted it. Their claim on the private info was not implemented until after Obamacare was passed, but now, we can see it manifesting and metastasizing. Heck, even Ann Kuster said that the government will contact people to "facilitate a reminder" to get jabbed.

American press has, on the whole, been silent on this, and few American civilians know what’s happening, but, on the whole, this is how “contact tracing” is done, and it is how all Americans could be swept into a massive vax registry if this bill is not stopped.

And even if it is stopped, HIPAA will remain. Contrary to the Bill of Rights.

Just like most of what the U.S. government passes, every year.

Perhaps folks can remind their Senators about this, before it’s too late, and sound the alarms about both H.R. 550 and HIPAA.

By the way, it was a year ago, almost to the day, when I reported on the stirrings of this particular legislation. Ask your friends how much they heard about it in the pop media. 

Then, feel free to check the bill and see which RINOS voted for it, including RINO co-sponsors Larry Bucshon (IN), James Baird (IN), David McKinley (WV), and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA).

You might agree that it’s worth the time.

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