7 Texas Mall Robbery Suspects ID'd As Illegal Aliens

Eric Scheiner | July 31, 2018
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Seven suspects who were arrested in connection with an attempted robbery at a jewelry store in Texas over the weekend have been identified as Mexican nationals that were in the U.S. illegally.

KRGV reports:

The seven suspects include Zepeda Abner Posos, 24; Alberto Rafael Barrera, 32; Brayan Oliver Melchor, 23; Javier Leobardo Olvera-Ramirez, 22; Jorge Angel Rodriguez Mejia, 28; Miguel Quintanilla-Cardenas, 26; and Raul Alberto Rangel-Rivera, 43.

Each suspect was charged with aggravated robbery and received a $200,000 bond.

Five of the seven suspects gave police a false name; they will be facing an additional charge with an additional $10,000 bond.


Fox News reports that U.S. Customs and Border Protection are investigating when the suspects arrived and how long they’ve been here.

The men were arraigned in court on Monday, after allegedly trying to rob a jewelry store at a shopping mall in McAllen, Texas.

People at the mall misconstrued the breaking of glass cases as gunfire, sparking a panic on Saturday.

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