7 Action Movie Roles Brian Williams Was Born to Play

Craig Bannister | February 10, 2015
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If Brian Williams turned his creative story-telling skills to writing action-movie scripts, maybe, he'd star in one of these films. And, thanks to his six-month suspension from NBC, he's got time to work on them.

In the role he was born to play (it's even got a helicopter and everything):

Williams as the left’s deadliest gun in the war against conservatives:

Williams, in what would surely be a Netflix smash:

As a man whose military exploits are as boundless as his imagination:

Starring in a movie set “a long time ago” (12 years ago, when the helicopter story started) in “a galaxy far, far away” (nothing like being off in your own universe, I guess):

The perfect choice for the lead in “Pearl Harbor,” now that his story’s been sunk like one of the carriers at the U.S. Naval Base:

And, with a supporting cast of thousands in the liberal media army hoping to bring him back alive after a blitzkrieg of fact-checking may have critically wounded his credibility:

And, if you don't think one of these is worth the price of a ticket, maybe, you'd prefer to see Williams take on Bruce Willis' role in the action-packed "Lie Hard" - or, in a Monty Python remake of "The Life of Brian."