68% of Republicans Say the Election Was 'Rigged'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 18, 2020
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More than 3 in 5 Republicans – and, perhaps more surprisingly, about 1 in 6 Democrats – say the 2020 presidential election was “rigged,” according to a new poll out from Reuters.

The national poll, conducted online among 1,346 respondents, found that a full 68 percent of Republicans think the election was “rigged.” Sixteen percent of Democrats agreed.

The poll also found that while the vast majority of Republican respondents agreed that Biden had won the election, 52 percent said that Trump had “rightfully” won, but that the victory had been stolen from him.

Only 55 percent of all respondents said they believe the election was “legitimate and accurate.” A full 28 percent said they believe the final vote numbers were "the result of illegal voting or election rigging."

When it comes to charting a path forward, the survey results don’t bode well for the future as the nation grapples with ongoing litigation surrounding vote counts and questions of fraud, and as the Biden administration seeks a “transfer of power” following an election that hasn't yet been officially called and that half the country doesn't trust as accurate.

The poll comes as the Trump administration presses forward with lawsuits in a number of battleground states, alleging potential fraud and vote manipulation in Biden's favor. On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out one lawsuit regarding Philadelphia election officials who had kept ballot observers separated from vote counters by at least 15 feet and a waist-high wall, which some observers said obstructed their view to the point where they couldn’t accurately see whether the votes were being counted or recorded accurately and that the rules were being followed.