6 Crazy Facts About Chuck Norris

Sarah Benecke | April 30, 2015
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Chuck Norris is a well-known actor and martial arts professional. He is also one awesome individual that a lot of people would like emulate.

Here are six crazy facts about Chuck Norris - and not merely popular legends about his life.

1. His real name is not Chuck or Charles

When he was born in 1940 in Oklahoma, he was not named Chuck or Charles. His real name is actually Carlos Ray Norris. 

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2. Chuck Norris has opened his own karate studios.

Chuck Norris has opened more than 30 karate studios. He has taught several celebrities karate, including Steve McQueen, the Osmonds, and Priscilla Presley.

via IMDB and bio.


3. He served in the United States Air Force

Norris joined the Air Force in 1958 and was stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea in the Military Police. This is where he started to learn martial arts. He left the Air Force in 1962. Today, he is a huge supporter of our military and was even named an honorary Marine.

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4. Norris created his own type of marital arts

His version of martial arts is called Chun Kuk Do, a “Korean-based, American Hard style of karate.” This particular type of martial arts has gone by many names since the 1970s, but in 1990, the practice became known as Chun Kuk Do - which translates to, “The Universal Way.”

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5. He never lost a fight after 1968

Norris lost several of his fights early on in his career - but, from 1968 up until he retired in 1974, he was undefeated. His career record is an extremely impressive 65-5.

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6. Chuck even had his own line of jeans

These jeans were called “Action Jeans” and were supposed to allow for greater movement without worrying about them ripping.

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