'56-Year-Old Man' in Custody in Connection to 'Suspicious Packages' Investigation

Nick Kangadis | October 26, 2018
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Paula Reid of CBS News tweeted on Friday morning that the Department of Justice has "one person in custody in connection with suspicious packages investigation."


The suspicious packages that have been popping up in recent days are said to be of the explosive device variety. The packages have been sent to the likes of former president Barack Obama, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros.

Reid also indicated in the tweet that there will be a press conference concerning the matter at 2:30 p.m. EST.

You can watch the live stream of coverage on the arrest of a possible suspect below:


According to CBS News' live coverage, the suspect is a "56-year-old man" in Plantation, Fla. MRCTV will NOT divulge any further details about the suspect.

Stay tuned to MRCTV for updates.

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