5 Things Libs Could Have Bought With Russian Probe Money

Eric Scheiner | December 21, 2018

With two years and $25 million of taxpayer money the Special Council Robert Mueller’s probe has yielded zero evidence of Russian collusion, that’s a very disappointing return considering what others could have purchased.

With $25 million of others people money, Bernie Sanders' $600,000 beachfront home buy – could have become 41 beachfront homes for Sanders! 

A four-year degree in economics from Harvard runs about $270,320. At that price, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could a get a degree in economics along with 91 of her supporters. 

You could even buy Rep. Nancy Pelosi a Clue. With the classic board game costing $13. 79 online, that’s 1,812,907 Clues!

Since no one seems to be turning out for the Bill and Hillary Clintons speaking engagements, and with tickets going as low a $7, you and over 3,671,428 of your friends could persevere through an evening of the Clintons speaking. The whole population Uruguay could go!

$25 million could even enrich Senator Elizabeth’s Warren Native American History. By allowing her to purchase over 894-thousand rolls of Indian head nickels

There seems to be no end to what $25 million in taxpayer money can purchase, unless, of course, you desire some hard evidence of Russian collusion.