5 Of the Most Embarrassing Moments From That Biden Presser

Brittany M. Hughes | January 20, 2022
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We're still not sure who let him do it, but President Joe Biden held a press conference Wednesday where he answered reporters questions on everything from Ukraine, Afghanistan, the economy, the supply chain, and the stellar job he thinks he’s been doing while the country circles the drain.

They say you lose flexibility as you get older, yet somehow, Biden managed to not once, not twice, but repeatedly get his foot lodged in his own mouth in a gymnastic feat so impressive, it rivals that time he couldn’t get up a flight of stairs.

This presser was basically the verbal equivalent of doing a face plant off Air Force One, given that much of it sounded like, well, this:

And that was just getting things started.

1. First, we’ve got Joe calling a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine a “minor incursion.”

That little “oopsie” reportedly left Kiev officials “shocked” and “stunned” while they were watching over across the pond - and no wonder, given Biden basically just rolled out the red carpet for a full-scale military assault by a totalitarian regime against their democratic country.

2. Biden says he won't apologize for butchering that Afghanistan withdrawal.

Speaking on Afghanistan, which was such a godawful bungled mess that even liberals had a hard time giving him cover, Biden said he “makes no apologies for what he did” when he yanked all our troops out, abandoned our allies, left U.S. citizens stranded, and turned the keys over to the Taliban on his way out the door. 


No apologies? No apologies to the 13 US service members who were blown to kibbles and bits outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport last August? No apologies to the US allies and their families who were abandoned to be hunted down by the Taliban? What about the little girls who’ve been sold to Islamic militant perverts? This baby girl right here? Look at her face. According to a report published last October by the BBC, she was sold into marriage to a Taliban fighter by her starving family for $500. And it’s happening more frequently since our exit.

But I guess Biden’s not apologizing to her for beating feet out of her country and leaving a black hole for a bunch of terrorists to fill.

3. Here’s Joe saying the supply chain crisis didn’t happen.

Back home, of course, we’ve got our own set of problems, and Bare Shelves Biden doesn’t think any of them could possibly be his fault.

Except, here is a photo of the shelves of my local grocery store on Tuesday.

Schools have struggled to feed children because they can’t get food shipments, elderly people have reported missing their pharmacy deliveries (here’s another link), but sure, Joe. None of it happened. Memory loss must be fun.

4. Of course, that’s all easy to say when you think you’ve done a bang-up job. Here’s Joe saying he’s done better at this whole president thing than anybody expected.

You have a 40% approval rating, Joe. The only people who like you are triple mask-wearing COVID ninnies and anyone who’s been in a coma for the past year, and I’m fairly certain you’re starting to lose them. Gas prices are up, inflation’s at a 40-year high, store shelves are empty, 600,000 more people have died from the virus you promised to stop but didn’t.

But, OK.

5. And, of course, the cherry on top of this giant garbage heap was Joe Biden, unable to answer why a majority of Americans think his antenna might not be picking up all the channels.

Just a quick note: if you’re ever asked why most people think you’ve got the wattage of a broken chandelier in a haunted house, don’t answer with “I have no idea.”

Because that’s the point, Joe.

You don’t have any clue what to do about Russia. Why Afghanistan was such a mess. Why people are pissed that their grocery bill is going up and their ability to get what they need is going down. How to fix the border crisis or deal with COVID. What year it is or where you put your bifocals. You have no idea. 

And that’s the problem.


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