The 5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week


Between the Ted Cruz presidential announcement and Harry Reid's retirement announcement, it's been a very interesting week on Twitter.  However, Greenpeace takes the top spot on this week's dumb Tweet list.  This Tweet is, literally, pure gold.



Yup.  Environmentalists now want you to scour your poop in order to save the planet.  You know what?  Let the planet die. 

They claim that traces of gold in human excrement is worth "millions."  But, how much human waste would I have to dig through before I could afford the solid gold commode that's pictured in the tweet?  I'll stick to playing the lottery.  Thanks.

Speaking of human waste....... 







The Tweet itself isn't that dumb, but the caption on the picture is what caught my attention.  Are "presidential hugs" really the "best hugs"?  I mean, in Obama's America, is there ANYTHING the government can't do better than your family or those in your community? 

On the other hand, if President Obama is such a great hugger, I suppose we should be happy that we've finally discovered something he's good at.  That being said, Vice-Presidential hugs can be downright creepy.  I'd stay away from them for at least the next two years.




This as opposed to the two Democrat presidential candidates who didn't support LGBT rights when they were running for office in 2008. 

Out of curiosity, what exactly are the "rights" of immigrants that Senator Cruz opposes?

Last time I checked, THIS was not a "right."

So, unless the Democrats are talking about rights for LEGAL immigrants, then they need to explain what exactly they are referring to.  Because, if he opposes rights for those who migrated to the country legally and obtained citizenship in the proper fashion, then that would include his father, Rafael Cruz.  I'm wondering if Rafael is considering voting for Hillary now that the Democrats have informed him that he would lose his "rights" under his son's administration? 

'Sorry dad.  Gonna' have to send you back to Cuba!  But don't worry. Thanks to Obama, the Castros are totally cool with us now. You should be fine.'





Bette Midler joins MENSA?!!

Ted Cruz's wife quit her job at Goldman Sachs to campaign with her husband and, as a result, Senator Cruz could no longer be covered by her healthcare plan.  His only option was to get on Obamacare, which all members of Congress are required by law to do if they don't have outside insurance.  Additionally, Cruz will not be taking the subsidies which are offered to members of Congress and their staff.  So, basically, Cruz is being forced to sign up for the program and is simply following the law by doing so.  Thus, while liberals have been promoting the idea that Cruz is a hypocrite for going on Obamacare, he actually has no choice.  

Might be interesting to have a president that follows the law, regardless of whether or not he likes it.

Those are MRCTV's picks for this week's Dumbest Tweet.

We want to know what you think.  Vote on which of this week's Tweets you think is the dumbest.


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