The 5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

danjoseph | June 26, 2015
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The left must have been extremely concerned when Republican lawmakers led the charge to remove the Confederate flag from statehouses throughout the south. The liberal playbook was thrown into chaos. Without the ability to call conservatives hateful bigots and blame them for facilitating the horrific shootings in Charleston last week, they were going to have to find some other way to politicize the tragedy. This week's offering of dumb Tweets highlights some of their ridiculous efforts.



Okay, first we have to point out that, like Roof, Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist. I suppose if anyone understands the mindset of a person who wants to kill people to make a political statement, it's him. 

Here, he echoes the claims of many on the left who believe that the phrase "take my country back" is code for, "We want a white guy in the White House again."  This is stupid on its own, but Ayers really should have done his research before Tweeting out this brain fart because this is not a phrase that is uttered exclusively by angry conservatives. For example: 

“We want to make sure that everybody who wants to come and join in the party and join in the effort to take this country back.” Barack Obama, 2007.

"When I am president, working with a Democratic Congress, we will really take our country back." - Hillary Clinton, 2007. 

“It’s time to take back our country.” - John Kerry, 2004

“We need to take back our country." - Al Gore, 2004

Who knew that Barack Obama hated George W. Bush so much simply because he was white?



Wow!  See, THAT'S how you politicize a tragedy!  Take note, President Obama.  

On the "despicability scale" of 1 to 10, Clyburn's Tweet gets a 35.  A 10 for the statement and 25 extra points for the idiots who favorited his disgusting Tweet in the wake of nine horrific deaths in his home state.



So, not only does Piers Morgan despise the Second Amendment, but apparently he's not much of a fan of the First Amendment, either.  

The "N-Word" should not be uttered by anyone, except for rappers who are permitted to use it when they're having trouble finding rhymes.  

But, when the government starts making words illegal, that's when you really need to "take your country back."

After the obvious slurs against minorities, what words do you ban next? If Piers had his way, he would probably vote for the word "moron," since I'm sure he's sick of being referred to as one all the time.

Will Piers go after the Third Amendment next?  I mean, why not allow U.S.. troops to stay at your house during peacetime?  Oh, right.  Because they have guns. Never mind.

Bette Midler makes her triumphantly dumb return to our list on the next page.




Ooooh!  See what Chris Hayes did there?  He can't really say that conservatives are racist right now because of the near unanimous agreement among them that it's time for the Confederate Flag to go.  So, he points to the fact that conservatives often point out that black-on-black crime is a much bigger problem that white-on-black crime, which is true.  So he uses our genuine concern and criticism of the media's overwhelming focus on crimes that are far more rare than the ones that actually plague American inner cities to imply that we're still all racist.

He politicized the tragedy by coming up with a hypothetical about what conservatives would say if they were to politicize the tragedy. Brilliant.

Because, if liberals lose that race card, what the Hell are they going to talk about?  MSNBC's shows would only be 10 minutes long. (That's like a minute for every MSNBC viewer).  Al Sharpton would be out of work. Cops would be able to do their jobs without fear of being vilified as bigots.  We can't have that! 

Chris Hayes has gotten a raw deal over at MSNBC.  His show is on right before Rachel Maddow's - which many viewers probably assume is just a rerun of Rachel Maddow's show from the night before.  It's a totally understandable mistake.  

It's as if Harry Potter grew up and got two news shows in prime time.  




Yes, Bette.  That's exactly how it works.  You go buy your gun, kill someone and that's it!  No consequences whatsoever.  

Wait. Hold on. My editor is telling me that's not accurate. There are actually laws against killing people. Well, that does explain the tens of millions of American gun owners who haven't killed anyone. It's our Draconian laws against murder that's stopping them. I mean, what's the point of having the gun in the first place if you're not going to commit a heinous act of premeditated murder?   

Had Dylan Roof been aware of those anti-murder laws, perhaps the recent tragedy could have been avoided. He must not have gotten the memo. 

Side Note:  Make sure that Bette Midler never gets her hands on a gun. 



"MayorSRB" is Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  She's the mayor of Baltimore. Somehow, her sterling track record got her elected president of National Conference of Mayors.  Because, apparently, every city in the country should strive to be like the crime-ridden, drug-infested, Hell hole that is Baltimore.

Perhaps, this was an act of sympathy on behalf of the Conference of Mayors. Blake doesn't have as much to do now that half of her city has burned down. Being the leader of the Conference of Mayors should keep her busy until the next race riot.

So, you take someone who helps lead an incredibly dysfunctional city and give them MORE power!  Hmmmm. That sounds really familiar.


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