The 5 Dumbest Liberal Tweets of the Week


Time for the dumbest Tweets of the past week!  This week features an all-female cast.  Not because we at MRCTV are sexist. These particular women simply beat out the dumb Tweets from all the guys this week.  They really broke that glass ceiling.  

Speaking of glass ceilings, let's start out with the first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

What the esteemed Minority leader is referring to here is a bill that was passed by a bipartisan vote in the House on Thursday passing a bill that increased the amount of money individuals can give to campaigns.

The irony here is that Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest members of Congress with a net worth of nearly $30 million.  But, I'm sure Nancy would never DREAM of hijacking democracy!  *Cough...Obamacare..*cough *cough. Hmmm.  better get that cough checked out.  

What do you mean I lost my insurance plan??!!

I like the fact that Cher included a little elephant icon in this Tweet as if her followers might not know what an elephant looks like.  

You know what else is close to extinction, Cher? Your career. Although, that album you did with your elderly mother a couple years ago was pretty damn good.  I still play it at parties.  Usually really late at night when I want everyone to leave.  

One thing about the left is that they never hesitate to hijack the outrage of others to promote their own pet causes.  For example, many of the recent Michael Brown protests were infiltrated by anti-Wal Mart protesters.  

So here, Fluke is comparing the interrogation techniques used by CIA officials to garner info about terror plots to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  

I wonder if Fluke and others on the left would be willing to publicly protest in favor of rights for Khalid Sheik Mohamed like they're doing with Garner and Brown?  

Fluke should go out and wave a sign around with the face of the man who knocked down the World Trade Center, being water boarded and yelling "I Can't Breath." How do you think would the American people react to that? I think the reactions would range from 'Psychological' to 'You seriously need psychological help, Miss Fluke.'


Sure there is.  And you're doing it wrong, Lena.  

Why are you crying in your picture?  Oh, right!  Because you've been exposed as a pervert who makes up rape allegations against people whose political views you disagree with and now you've been exposed as a total fraud!  

"Survival" is usually interpreted as persevering through a dangerous or life threatening situation.  But, you don't just get to make the situation up in order to sell books.

While this Tweet is absolutely dumb, it's also very sad.  Dunham has basically insulted every REAL rape survivor, who has struggled to come to terms with the terrible things that they have experienced.  They don't get million dollar book deals or eat cake, naked on their own television show every week.  So, if you're a victim of sexual assault and no one believed you when told them, Dunham owes you an apology.  

Oh my God!  Those poor elves. 

Also, have you seen how fat Santa is?  No one makes leather chaps in his size!

(MRCTV sincerely apologizes if your children have nightmares for the rest of their lives because of that last Tweet.)

On that note, we hope your Christmas season is off to a wonderful start.  See you next week!

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