5 Celebrities That Want You To Eat The Bugs

Michael Ippolito | July 27, 2022
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Celebrities in Hollywood are now promoting the strange, globalist idea that eating the bugs is much healthier for you and the planet than eating meat. This is not the first time the media has promoted this phenomenon, and now the folks in Hollywood are joining in.

Here are some of the weirdest celebrities who (seem to) enjoy eating the bugs. 

First, we have Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr, who ate some bugs live on Stephen Colbert’s show. Avengers disassemble!

Next up, we have Nicole Kidman, who sat down and enjoyed a 4-course bug meal. 

Black Panther Actress Lupita Nyong’o stated that eating fruit with ants on it was “really good!” Remind me not to invite her to my next picnic.

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Unfunny comedian James Corden consumed a nice plate of spiders to the cheers of his audience. 

Finally, Bill Nye, The “Science” Guy, promotes eating bugs as the most sustainable and eco-friendly food source.

Do not fall for these gross trends, and do not eat the bugs!