49ers Player Breaks Down Over Losing His Son Hours Before a Big Game

Nick Kangadis | November 13, 2017
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This is the epitome of heartbreak.

Heading into a Week 10 game that featured two teams with a combined one win, one bittersweet highlight superseded them all.

The winless San Francisco 49ers played host to the hapless one-win New York Giants. Up-and-coming wide receiver for the 49ers Marquise Goodwin turned an otherwise horrible day for his family into a bittersweet personal victory.

Goodwin had not scored a touchdown all year, but on a deep route in the second quarter, Goodwin caught a bomb from rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard for an 83-yard score.

What happened next is what has fans talking and heartbroken.

Almost immediately upon scoring the go-ahead touchdown, Goodwin blew a kiss to the sky, dropped to his knees, made the sign of the cross and broke down in the end zone.

One could’ve initially thought that Goodwin was grateful for finally scoring his first touchdown of the season. But the real reason now has people in tears.

According to a Goodwin Instagram post released after the game, Goodwin lost his unborn son hours before the game began Sunday afternoon.

“Unfortunately, we lost our baby boy due to some complications, and had to prematurely deliver him early this morning around 4am," Goodwin wrote in the post. "The pain (physically, mentally, & emotionally) that she (Morgan) has endured is unbelievable. Please Pray for the Goodwin family.”

Here’s Goodwin’s Instagram post:


A post shared by Marquise Goodwin (@marquisegoodwin) on

Talk about tearing your heart out. We’re sorry for your loss, Marquise.

For video of Goodwin's touchdown, click here.


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