30 Officers Injured After Riots Break Out In West Philadelphia


More than 30 police officers were injured in West Philadelphia Monday night after anti-cop rioters clashed with authorities following a police-involved shooting.

The whole thing started after 27-year-old Walter Wallace, a black man, brandished a knife at officers who were responding to a domestic violence call. Instead, video from the incident shows him failing to respond to multiple orders to drop the weapon and lunging at the police, who had their weapons drawn. Two officers then fired at Wallace, who was hit several times and died at the scene.

The incident kicked off a massive protest-turned-riot, during which 30 people were arrested and more than two-dozen officers were wounded as violent activists vandalized buildings and vehicles, lit dumpsters on fire, and broke multiple store windows. Others busted into shops and began hauling shoes and clothes away in black garbage bags.

At one point, the mob broke into a police van parked at the scene.

Most of the injuries were from police being struck by projectiles like rocks and bottles. In one more serious case, a 56-year-old police officer was hit by someone in a pickup truck, resulting in a broken leg and other injuries.

Thankfully, none of the wounded officers sustained life-threatening injuries.

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