3 Reasons Biden Won't Release His Senate Papers

Eric Scheiner | May 20, 2020
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Does the University of Delaware stash of Joe Biden senate papers hold evidence of sexual assault complaints? That’s a speculative question, what’s not speculation is Biden’s reasons for not opening up this treasure trove of information into his political past.

Here's three reasons Biden has given for keeping the documents locked up:

#3. Biden doesn’t want people to see interviews he "did overseas with people." 

Imagine if the public could see what Biden said when he was overseas acting as a public official, that just doesn't seem right to Joe.

#2. There are a lot "of speeches" and "positions" he's taken in those papers.

Remember, there was that one time people looked into Biden's speeches and papers when he was running for president. That incident concluded with him being accused of plagiarism and dropping out of the race.

#1. People may learn of what he said when he met Vladimir Putin.

Yes, Biden wants to keep those records sealed because of Russia, Russia, Russia. When arguing to keep those papers sealed, Joe cites as an example that they may contain information about his meeting with Putin. The media never has an interest in that Russia stuff, right?