275 Sheriffs To Biden: Stop ‘Encouraging And Sanctioning Lawlessness’

Eric Scheiner | April 8, 2021
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275 sheriffs from 39 states sent a letter to the White House on Wednesday calling on Joe Biden to stop “encouraging and sanctioning lawlessness.”

The letter, titled "Help America's Sheriffs Keep Our Neighborhoods and Communities Safe By Halting Illegal Immigration," said the immigration crisis at the Mexico border is impacting the safety of Americans and "penetrating our neighborhoods."

During an appearance on Thursday’s Fox & Friends Bristol County, MA Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said the letter asks President Joe Biden to change his administration's border policies.

“The sheriffs across this country are mobilizing. We really have made this point several times and President Biden knows it, that open borders don’t work and they’re exposing our citizens to more transnational gangs, to violence in our communities, more drugs pouring into our communities, sex, and human trafficking out of control and now national security threats,” Hodgson said.

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The letter says, "More parents will suffer the loss of their children, not because they were irresponsible, but because of exposure to criminal illegal alien violence caused by the reckless and irresponsible policies of your administration.”

"In a myriad of ways, you and your administration are encouraging and sanctioning lawlessness and victimization of the people of the United States of America, all in the name of illegal immigration." 

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